The Front of Foods Lie.

The biggest lettering is designed to capture your attention and appeal to your emotions.

Not to be truthful about the nutrition.

Where you really need to look is the BACK.

Take the “Simply Fruit” fruit spread, by Smucker’s, for example.

The front makes you think the only ingredient is grapes.

But check out what you should really be paying attention to…⬇️⬇️⬇️

Let’s take a closer look at the front vs. back:

If you look at the nutrition facts, it has 9g of added sugar!

Added sugar, by definition, is something added to the food to sweeten it.

For example, if you had a bag of frozen fruit, it would say “0g added sugar.”

We can also look at the ingredient list.

Food companies MUST list the ingredients in order of most quantity to least quantity.

The first ingredient listed on this “simply fruit” grape spread isn’t in fact grapes, but “FRUIT SYRUP!!”

That means the primary ingredient, “fruit syrup,” is requiring Smucker’s to list “added sugar” in the nutrition facts.

Do you know how Smucker’s makes their fruit syrup?

Me neither.

Moral of the story is to ignore the front of the food and look straight to the back.

Look for “0g added sugar,” and a food where the primary ingredient that you THINK it is, is the first one listed in the ingredient list.

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