The Best Investment You Can Make, Is In Your Health

What are the things you value enough to invest your time and money into? We as a society tend to look for immediate return, especially when letting go of our hard earned dollars or precious time. What are we getting in return? 

It’s easy to see the value in a shiny new car, new sneakers or anything else we can see, touch or smell.

It’s harder to see the value in investments that don’t have an immediate return – setting up a retirement fund or spending money on your education. Yet most of us still do these things because as a society, we have determined they are worthwhile investments for our future.

Better education = better job = better salary = better life. Or at least that’s how it should go.

What then is an investment in your health worth? Besides the money you will save over your lifetime on things like medications and doctor’s visits…

Better health could equate to more years in your life. What is an extra five years with your children and loved ones worth? Ten years?

Better health could equate to improved work performance. It could be the difference between getting that job or promotion that changes your life financially.

Better health could equate to a happier life. Being happy with the way you look and feel. Experiencing more of life. Hiking, skydiving, running a marathon – whatever your heart desires because you are physically capable.

Better health for you, could equate to better health for others. Setting an example for your children and family so that they can live a healthier, happier life as well. In order to take care of others, you must take care of yourself first.

As a society, we should normalize our health as the most important investment we can make. To do that will require disrupting the status quo. Changing our collective mindset from one based on convenience (fast food, diet pills, and plastic surgery) back to putting in the work to achieve results.

There are no shortcuts in life and anything worth accomplishing will require an investment of time, effort, money, etc.. Your health is no different.

But with the proven benefits of a healthier life, what investment could be more important?