What happens when you “over-diet”

Have you ever re-gained more weight than you lost after going on a diet?

You’re not alone.

And if it was even more difficult to get it back off the second, third, or fourth time, you’re STILL not alone. 

Your metabolism is very smart, and it adapts to your daily intake and activity levels.

Here’s how it works:

So if you start to eat fewer calories, you will lose weight at first, until your metabolism gets used to that new “normal.”

So what do you do?

You cut calories further.

Until that new level is no longer helping you lose weight, so you do it again.

But there’s a limit to this system, just like you can only cut your monthly budget so much.

Eventually there will not be enough left to “cut.”

Everybody has a baseline that they should not go below.

Because if you do, you body will compensate in other ways like hormonal issues, decreased sex drive, a lack of results in the gym, and often times you’ll even see WEIGHT GAIN, even though you’re eating less.

That’s why it’s important to strategically work yourself in and out of diets, instead of just holding on as long as you can.

Not sure where your lowest calorie point should be, or how long you should be “dieting” for?

Shoot me a message to katie@evolvefitnessclearwater.com and I’ll show you how to figure it out!