The Best Way to Fix Your Shoulder Pain and Improve Overhead Flexibility!

Is Poor Mobility The Reason Your Shoulder Hurts? How to Fix It… First Step: Assess In order to fix a problem, you first have to know what’s causing it. Here is a simple test to determine if your shoulder pain could be a result of poor shoulder mobility. Step One: Lay on your back. Step […]

Three Approaches to Your Workouts: Train / Practice / Compete

How to approach your workouts (train vs practice vs compete) How to Approach Your Workout Every day you come to the gym, the workout changes. On top of that, every workout has a different stimulus. Sometimes the goal is to load up weight with the intention of getting stronger. Sometimes the goal is to use […]

The Cost of Eating Healthy

Have you heard that eating healthy is expensive? We repeat this over and over again, when really, have you personally compared the cost? I agree that choosing organic options is more expensive than non-organic. But it’s cheaper to choose a veggie omelet over a bowl of milk and cereal. And that’s not considering the healthcare […]