Stop Doing “Low Impact” Exercises

Okay, so it’s not that low-impact exercises are bad…

The problem is avoiding exercises with higher impact.

Your body NEEDS impact!

There might not be a faster way to get osteoporosis than using an elliptical as your primary means of exercise in order to avoid impact.

How many times have you spoken to someone with knee or hip pain who’s been told to “stick to low-impact exercises” like swimming, biking, or using the elliptical to “stay fit”? Fit for what?⁣

Our bodies are built to grow stronger and more resilient from the stress we place upon them. Stress is not just beneficial, it’s NECESSARY for optimal health and fitness. Stress is a REQUIREMENT for growth and performance. ⁣

When we work against the resistance of gravity or external loads (free weights, cable columns, our body weight) we not only strengthen and improve the function of our muscles, nervous system, tendons, and fascia – we also increase bone density, an absolutely vital aspect of staying strong, healthy, mobile, and pain-free. ⁣

If you have pain that’s stopping you from moving or exercising in the way you want, you have two choices: 

1) Stop doing the things you want and need to do and begin the long road of reducing your function even further. ⁣

2) Find out why your body hurts in the first place and determine what can be done to improve the way your body looks, feels, and performs. ⁣

People who tell you that you’re beyond that point simply don’t know how to help you. ⁣

We are built to walk, run, climb, fight, dance, and more. It’s our birthright. ⁣

If you’re unwilling to accept the story that your best days are behind you, you must find someone who can effectively gather information about how you’ve lived your life and how you live your life now (movement habits, sleep habits, diet habits, stress habits, etc) and use these clues to determine what can be done to improve how your body moves, feels and performs. ⁣

If you’re ready to reject the story about what you CAN’T do anymore and want to reclaim all the functions you CAN, shoot us a reply and let’s find out whether or not we can help you. ⁣

Impact is good and necessary. You just need to learn how to use it to your benefit. ⁣