Modifying Movements SUCKS

Modifying movement due to pain or movement restrictions sucks.

But for many active people who go to the gym, they have no other choice. They can’t do everything and need to change things to fit what they are capable of doing.

Modifying Isn’t fun.

It’s a reminder that you’re still hurt or “unable” to do that thing.

And the longer it lasts, the more frustrating it gets.

So when is modifying around pain the appropriate thing to do, and when is it the absolute wrong thing to do?

If your symptoms are getting better day after day, and you have been able to re-introduce some exposure to the things that used to hurt a lot, with less pain than normal, you’re probably on the right track, keep modifying.

The thing that will be important for you is to make sure that when you feel better and go back to everything you were doing before, you take your time and intentionally build back up to intensity systematically.

You will also want to make sure to do a thorough assessment with your coach to determine WHY you got hurt in the first place. Problems are often easy to spot when we look for their causes retroactively.

If you are not getting better day to day. Stop modifying and get to work on a solution.

If you have been modifying for two months or more and are not sure if you are seeing improvement, stop modifying and get to work on a solution.

If your symptoms are getting worse even though you are modifying, stop modifying and get to work on a solution.

Your best solutions are going to be getting with a local physical therapist or chiropractor, or getting with a highly skilled coach.

Some problems belong in a doctor’s office (physical therapists and chiropractors are doctors).

Some problems belong in the gym with a coach.

If you’ve been cleared to exercise and told to “work around it”, to “ease back into it” or to “let pain be your guide” then there’s a good chance you’re a great fit to work with one of our coaches to get out of pain without having to modify.

If you want to connect and see if we can help, schedule your free intro today!

Stay Active,
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