July AOTM: “Always Show Up” with Christine Thompson

From the Coaches: “Christine is everything you could ask for in an athlete and member here at Evolve Fitness Clearwater. She is coachable, hard-working, and humble. She has a passion for fitness and a hunger to learn and grow as an athlete. Christine is always positive and an active member of the EFC community. Since she has joined us, Christine has challenged herself by stepping out of her comfort zone and competing at multiple fitness competitions – and she has seen herself on the podium more than once! We are excited to see her progressing at the rate that she is and can’t wait to see what she’s doing in another year’s time. We are proud to have Christine rep Black and Orange and to have her as part of our EFC family!”

Christine Thompson

When we moved to Florida from St. Louis, MO in 2017, the only thing I was truly worried about was finding a new fitness family. I was coming from working out with the same trainer for several years, in a small group class environment, where we were all there for each other in every sense of the way. As our moving date was quickly approaching, an ad popped up in my Facebook feed for a 6-week “New You” program in Tampa, FL. Though I was not necessarily looking for a “new me,” it grabbed my attention because I thought it may be a good way to meet new people in a setting with a common goal. I signed up and starting going to what was then, CrossFit Unleashed in Tampa.

Fast-forward 6 weeks, the program was wrapping up, and I was now much more familiar with the area. Though I was already hooked on CrossFit, I was not hooked on the commute from Dunedin to Tampa. I google searched for nearby CrossFit places and now feel very lucky that Manta Ray was the closest one! Within days, I had met with Coach Chris and started On Ramp, as Chris helped me realize the “New You” program hadn’t taught me many of the fundamental movements for CrossFit. And boy am I glad he did! On Ramp was tougher than I had ever imagined. Being a very shy person, I showed up to classes with all kinds of nervous energy. Would I get the courage to speak to others? Are they going to make us try double unders again?! But it never failed – I left every class with a smile on my face. Whether it was Irma, Joanne, or another On Ramp classmate, someone always made me feel welcomed when I arrived, and the coaches always adjusted the movements to meet me where I was, ability wise.

Though that was only a little over a year ago, it feels like much longer when I think about all the fist bumps, high fives, PRs, whip marks from missed double unders, wall balls to the face, etc., but most importantly, the number of members I now know as great friends. EFC is truly my new fitness family, and I look forward to all the great memories to come!

Goals I’ve met since joining EFC: 20 unbroken dubs, getting a strict pull-up, not crying over a workout – but I’ve been close!
Goal I’m working towards: 5 unbroken strict pull-ups
What I should probably be working on instead: Squats
Words I try to live by: Always show up.
Motto: Work hard. Play hard.