August 2018: New Member Spotlight

We have new members joining us all the time here at Manta Ray. Help us welcome them to our family and show them how positive and supportive this family is! Here’s just a few of our recent additions to Team Manta Ray – get to know them below!

Occupation: “Server/Bartender”

Hobbies: “Swimming, going to the beach, hanging out with my cat Zoey, cooking”

Why I Joined: “I wanted to get stronger, meet new people, push myself harder and to be held accountable.”

Random Fact: “I have never been, but one day I would love to travel across Europe and I would also love to go to Thailand.”

Occupation: “Student – Surgical Technology”

Hobbies: “Being with family and friends, concerts, photography, water activities, soccer, going to Disney”

Why I Joined: “After a 2.5 year break from sports I wanted to feel strong and challenge myself again. I’ve been interested in trying CrossFit so I thought this was the perfect opportunity and I love it! I get my butt kicked every time but I always want to come back for more.”

Random Fact: “Spirit Animal – Sea Turtle. Crazies thing I’ve done – Skydiving.”

Family: John Snow (Husband) Kids: Sophia, Paul, Jack, Peter

Hobbies: “Beading, Scrapbooking”

Why I Joined: “Meet new people, wanted something intense. I’ve always been impressed with the athletes.”

Random Fact: Favorite color is orange. I love Harry Potter.”