“Struggles” with Heather Statz

From the Coaches: “Heather is a natural athlete and we knew that as soon as she started at EFC two years ago. Her athletic background is as a swimmer, but she excelled at the weightlifting aspect of CrossFit immediately as well. Even though she experienced a few setbacks along the way, she has shown persistence and mental toughness to not let them get the best of her. Being mentally strong is just as important in fitness, especially CrossFit, as being physically strong. Luckily for Heather, she has both. Now she is more consistent than ever with her training and we are excited to see where her efforts will continue to take her. One thing that’s for sure is we are lucky to have a such a great athlete, and person, as part of the Manta Ray family.”

Struggles: How My EFC Family Helped Me Overcome Them

by Heather Statz

A little over 2 years ago I was introduced to CrossFit at Evolve Fitness Clearwater by two of my friends (one of which still goes to the box – Sue Young)! At first I didn’t know what to expect because I didn’t really know that much about CrossFit. Honestly, I thought it was going out to some field or park and doing a workout with tires or something. I quickly learned it was so much more than that. After my first WOD at EFC I was instantly hooked. All I wanted to do was get better at the things I could do and better at the things I struggled with. Slowly over time I got better, but then like everyone else life happened. Events, situations, injuries popped up and I started to struggle with being consistent in doing both WODs and diet. During this time I was mostly disappointed in myself, discouraged, and almost on the verge of quitting. It was with the encouragement and tough love of the EFC coaches and box mates that I got back into being more consistent. The hardest obstacle I had to overcome was realizing that I had to rebuild muscle to do some of the exercises and movements I was doing before I became inconsistent. Since this struggling point I have been consistent in both diet and attending WODs. I have gotten a lot stronger and have improved on movements I thought I would never be able to do. Yes I have my cheat days like anyone else, but what will help you succeed and allow you to make the progress you want is consistency.

We are very fortunate to have the atmosphere we do at EFC, it is a family versus just a lot of people coming to workout and leave. We have amazing coaches who are always available to help you with anything. They have given me advice on handling injuries, they have helped me better understand how to do the movements correctly, and lastly they are the ones to encourage me even when I am the last one to finish a workout. I have met several new people at the box since joining CrossFit and many of them have become friends. If like me, you struggle with consistency talk to a coach, a box mate, or even me! Sometimes all it takes is that one person to hold you accountable.

Thank you Chris and Sebastian for always encouraging me, you both have created a fantastic box! For anyone unsure about CrossFit – it works! Stay consistent and you will see results.