A Letter to Our Members

Dear EFC Members,

Recently we held a member satisfaction survey to identify what areas we could improve on to bring you the best experience possible. We received lots of great feedback and truly appreciate all of you who contributed your time to participate. A very strong majority of the feedback was positive, and we are blessed to have such a supportive, happy community here at EFC. As a team, we want you to know that we have heard your concerns, and will be taking action to improve in these areas to offer the best CrossFit experience possible. We have a couple key points we’d like to highlight that will help us improve your experience in class…

Starting now, we will be changing our warm up/stretch portion of class. It will be quicker, focusing on more active stretches with possibly 1-2 static stretches before we begin class. Our goal is to cut back on time here; to allow more time during class to cover skills and have a chance to work them, address questions, etc. before beginning the workout. In this aspect, please help us by doing your part and arriving to class on time. Not only being present at the start of class, but being ready to begin with shoes tied, wrist wraps on, etc. This will help us make the most of our time together. As a side note to this subject, please remember to track your results in RxGym! Recording on the board is a great way to show results for the day, but logging in the CPU helps us get valuable data on workouts that will help us improve our programming in the future. Also, it is a great reference for you to check back on long after the board has been erased. Logging into RxGym is a great tool for coaches and athletes alike. If you are unfamiliar with how to do this, ask any coach and we will be happy to show you!

Part of what we love about CrossFit is the community and the support we provide each other. At the end of your workout, make sure to cheer on your last few teammates as they finish up the WOD! We all know what it feels like to finish a workout last and have your teammates help push you through. As a general rule, we’d like to have everyone wait to put up their equipment until we get the whole class through the workout . Once the last athlete has gotten their time, we will clean up the aftermath as a team! Your fellow athletes will appreciate this support, and so will you if you find yourself in that position. After all, that type of camaraderie is what we love about Evolve Fitness Clearwater. It is what pushes us to grow individually and as a community.

We want all of our members to know that we strive to bring you the best CrossFit experience possible. All of your input is greatly appreciated and we will continue to improve our program and our community one step at a time.


EFC Staff