EFC Savage Scavenge

2nd Annual EFC Savage Scavenge

Saturday November 23rd

Our Savage Scavenge is returning next month, and you don’t want to miss out!

EFC Savage Scavenge is a fun, social event that will take place across downtown Dunedin. We will start at a designated bar/brewery and teams will receive a checklist of scavenge items, a time limit, and the next checkpoint. The goal is to find/complete as many of your scavenge items before meeting at the next checkpoint and getting the next list. Tasks can involve any and everything – but you won’t know until the day of the Scavenge what is on the list!

We will have a final checkpoint where we will tally scores and declare this year’s winner! The first year was a ton of fun, and we plan to make it even more exciting this go around. Mark the date now, and don’t miss out!

Teams: Teams of 4-6

Cost: 25$ per person

*Include Savage Scavenge T-Shirt and drink deals at participating bars

Registration will open soon! In the meantime, mark the date and get your team together!