BURN Announcement

New Program Announcement!!


Evolve Fitness Clearwater is excited to announce our newest program..


Accessible to ALL Levels of Fitness.

BURN is a Functional, Interval Training Program.

What does that mean?

Interval Training = High Intensity, Challenging and Fat Burning

Exercise Variety = FUN, and Never Bored with the Same Routine

Functional Training = Strengthen + Build Lean Muscle

High Intensity Interval Training is the most effective way to burn fat and improve your metabolic conditioning WITHOUT sacrificing lean muscle. It is Cardio Driven Calorie Burn.

BURN utilizes state of the art equipment such as ski ergs, rowers, air bikes, treadmills and much more! In addition, BURN will also incorporate Functional Strength Training using Bodyweight, Kettlebell, and Dumbbell Exercises (no barbells). 

Burn is not your traditional HIIT class.

BURN emphasizes unilateral, contralateral, and rotational movements that strengthen your body and core in ways that most programs miss.

Learn how to truly connect with your body, meet evolution, and move the way you were intended to.

BURN is a one hour class led by an instructor. You can always expect a safe, fast-paced, high-energy, challenging workout. You will sweat, you will strengthen, you will BURN.

Starting Next Week (2/17) we will have classes on:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

9AM + 6PM

* Class schedule will expand shortly after. In the meantime…

First 30 Members: $99/ 4 Weeks

Purchase online at the button above to reserve your Founder’s Rate. Or Call/Text us at 727-710-4373 to speak with a Coach!

*Our Founder’s rate includes Unlimited Burn Classes. As BURN grows the schedule will grow to meet the demands. Our plans are to grow into a full weekly schedule, adding additional times (early AM, afternoon, evening, and weekend). As our schedule increases, Founding Members will always be honored their discounted rate as long as they wish to continue their membership.