AOTM: “Best Version of Me” with Traci Risberg

From the Coaches: “Since Traci has joined EFC, and even more so in recent months, she has been the perfect example of what our ‘Athlete of the Month’ title embodies. Traci is eager to learn and coachable. She has her own personal goals and pinpoints her weaknesses to spend time improving them. Maybe above all, she has an extremely positive attitude and is encouraging to all her fellow athletes. This is why Traci has improved so much as an athlete, as well as fit right in with the EFC family and community. She comes early or stays late after class to improve on her weaknesses. Recently she took the Keep Pulling Snatch Seminar hosted at EFC, volunteered at our WOD Wars competition, and is now set to compete in a few weeks at the Tampa Bay Games! Good things come to those who put in the work, and we’re excited to see Traci grow as an athlete and have her as part of the EFC family!”


Traci Risberg

Although I played sports in high school, I wasn’t very active as an adult. I would go to the gym and work out, but nothing consistent. Being pretty sedentary and making bad food choices, I progressively put on weight and was at my worst last year. As a flight attendant, I couldn’t even walk from the airplane to the curb without being out of breath. I was always tired, pre-diabetic and over 40 lbs overweight. After I saw a picture of how bad I really looked, I decided it was time to make permanent changes. On February 1, 2016, I started Nutrisystem to help me with portion control and making smart food choices. I started walking on the treadmill regularly, advancing to jogging then running, and incorporated P90X, to do in my hotel room while at work.

When I started On-Ramp on July 20, 2016, I had shed 32 lbs, no longer pre-diabetic, and on the path to being fit and healthy. Although proud of my changes thus far, I was bored with doing workouts on my own and decided to give CrossFit a try. After reading reviews and seeing a Groupon, I decided on EFC. Best decision ever! The coaches have been patient, encouraging, and thoughtful. Members inspire me with their effort and accomplishments. I have long since shed the rest of the excess weight and am now in the best shape I’ve ever been! CrossFit has allowed me to see my full potential and although I still can’t do a pull up, I’m stronger than I’ve been.

Thank you EFC members and coaches for encouraging me to continue this healthy lifestyle change. I look forward to continuing this journey of being the best of version of me, with you!