ICON Athlete Programming coming to Evolve Fitness Clearwater


Starting next Monday, July 31st, EFC will begin following ICON Athlete programming for our CrossFit classes. Programmed by Chris Spealler, ICON offers expert programming for all fitness levels from Beginners to Advanced athletes.

Chris Spealler taught for CrossFit HQ for 9 years and helped write the CrossFit Competitor’s course, as well as other coaching materials for CrossFit. He is a 7x CrossFit Games athlete and will be returning to the CrossFit games this year in the Master’s Division. Check out a message from Chris Spealler to EFC below!





ICON Athlete offers something for all fitness levels. Our class structure will not change when we adopt this new programming. Class workouts are the core of the programming. Additional ICON work will be listed for competitors to be done in addition to the class. Classes will always have priority of the room. To do the additional ICON work during another class, you will need to clear with your coach the best time and spot to do so.

ICON is an all-inclusive program that balances Conditioning, Weightlifting, and Gymnastics. Whether your goal is a general functional fitness or to be competitive, you will find everything you need during the hour long class time. For those looking to excel in the sport of CrossFit – you will have the option to complete the additional work (ICON1, ICON2, etc) separate from the classtime.

Essentially, nothing about our class structure will change! Here at Evolve Fitness Clearwater, our community is first. Our goal with implementing ICON programming is to One – Offer a top notch program for all of our members to help you reach and exceed your goals, and Two – To keep our EFC family and community strong. When we can all follow the same programming together, coaches included, we have a stronger sense of camaraderie across the box.

We’re excited to begin following ICON next week! If you have any questions, message us or ask your coaches.