The Cost of Eating Healthy

Have you heard that eating healthy is expensive?

We repeat this over and over again, when really, have you personally compared the cost?

I agree that choosing organic options is more expensive than non-organic.

But it’s cheaper to choose a veggie omelet over a bowl of milk and cereal.

And that’s not considering the healthcare costs of eating a bowl of milk and cereal every day for 50 years versus eating a veggie omelet… (We’ll talk about that another time).

Over and over again when I run the numbers, it’s cheaper for me to eat healthy.

Check out this video, where I run some of the numbers for you.

So what would it mean for YOU if you could have $200+ extra a month in your pocket?

If you’re ready to rid yourself of the excuse that “eating healthy is expensive,” then let’s set up a time to chat.

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