The Best Way to Fix Your Shoulder Pain and Improve Overhead Flexibility!

Is Poor Mobility The Reason Your Shoulder Hurts? How to Fix It…

First Step: Assess

In order to fix a problem, you first have to know what’s causing it. Here is a simple test to determine if your shoulder pain could be a result of poor shoulder mobility.

Step One: Lay on your back.

Step Two: Reach one arm, elbow fully extended, directly over your chest.

Step Three: Lower your hand behind you as far as possible, without the elbow bending.

Did your hand reach the floor? If so, then it looks like you have the range of motion necessary to get into a safe overhead position. Further assessment needs to be done to determine what may be causing your shoulder pain. Time to see a coach!

If it didn’t – you are missing shoulder mobility and here is what you can do to fix it…

Second Step: Lengthen and Load

The answer to improve your mobility isn’t to mash a lacrosse ball into your shoulder until you cry. Although some myofascial release may be beneficial.

If we want to make a real change, we need to lengthen the tissues that are short, while loading them at the same time to gain strength and control in this new range of motion.

Our recommended exercise:

The Dumbbell Pullover (See Video)

Perform 3 sets of 10 reps. Do this 2-3 days a week, especially before workouts where you plan on pressing overhead.

Consider a Landmine…

If you know your overhead mobility needs A LOT of work, consider using something like a landmine to press in the meantime until you improve your overhead position.

Third Step: Retest

After 4 Weeks, repeat the assessment to see if your hand is closer to, or now reaching the floor.

By improving your overhead mobility, not only can you fix your pain – but you will see HUGE improvements in your performance!

This is just one way to improve overhead mobility – but it’s got the most bang for it’s buck!

Remember, our coaches are here to help. If you ever have questions, or want a more individualized assessment – you can schedule a Goal Review Here.