Chalk Talk: “Use Your Fitness”

Use Your Fitness

As CrossFitters, we spend many hours each week jumping on and off boxes, clanging barbells and double jumping ropes. Some of our exercises require technical skill and mental toughness, not to mention a little bit of strength. Regardless of the movement, each time we finish a work out, we bring ourselves one step closer to becoming a better human. The impressive physical feats that we accomplish in the gym, don’t have to remain in the box! Get outdoors and do something with your fitness!

The weather outside can get a bit warm this time of year, but it shouldn’t stop you from using your fitness to do some fun activities. Kayaking and paddle boarding are great ways to explore the small islands and coves in the local area. They can be great workouts as well! Hop on a bike and hit the trails! This area is criss-crossed with great bike trails for you to cruise. You might even be able to cruise on down to the gym for your next work out!

Although you may feel like you should always be doing something with your fitness, don’t forget to take some time to relax! Hit the beaches and chill out! You should feel pretty good about the body that you’ve sculpted while putting in all that work in the gym, so don’t be shy about flexing on the beach!

Above it all, just don’t let your gains be something limited to the gym. Use it to improve your life. Have fun with it all and remember that Ability is Limitless!