AOTM: “Training for Life” with Rob Snippe

From the Coaches: “Rob works a difficult schedule as a police officer but that does not stop him from putting in extra work here at EFC on a regular basis. He often gets off early in the morning after working through the night, but a quick nap gets him to the 10 AM or 12 PM CrossFit class at EFC and he’s ready to go. Rob stays as consistent as anyone with his training despite a tough schedule – and never offers any excuses. We’ve seen him grow tremendously at Manta Ray the past few years as he keeps putting up bigger numbers and faster times. He is always willing to learn and it’s gotten him to earn muscle ups, big PRs, and some of the smoothest barbell cycling you’ll ever see. On top of all that, Rob is a great person and a friend to everyone he meets. We’re happy to have him as a member of our community and as an athlete at Evolve Fitness Clearwater!”

Rob Snippe

While I was growing up I played every sport I could. I tried to stay as active as I could and everything I tried I just couldn’t get the challenge I wanted. Then I joined the military and got all the challenge I could ask for and more. Four years later I got out and was in search of something that would continue to challenge me. I tried all the usual workouts and different martial arts programs. They were fun for a while but the thrill quickly died and I was on to the next one. After giving up from boredom, working out took a back seat to the rest of life.


A couple years ago a coworker suggested CrossFit. I had heard of CrossFit before but didn’t know much about it. I began to research it and look around to see where the gyms were. I quickly found that the gyms were called boxes and Evolve Fitness Clearwater had a Groupon offer. Long story short I signed up and gave it a shot. Two years later I’m still here. CrossFit has become more than just another workout. It brings a new challenge every day. Some part of the workouts have come naturally, but most have taken focus and determination to perform. Double-unders alone took a lot of sweat and curse words to figure out!


CrossFit has also helped me become better at my job. I frequently sit for long periods of time, and then need to run, jump, and fight without any notice. If I hadn’t found my way to Manta Ray I could have possibly been injured from my lack of fitness. Now, the weekend jog or being a zombie at a big name gym is a thing of the past. Thanks to the constant motivation and support from coaches and athletes at Manta Ray, I look forward to my future here!