AOTM: “A Contagious Personality” with Alex Guzman

From the Coaches: “Coach Chris happened to meet Alex when getting his car serviced at the VW Dealership awhile back. Alex wasn’t a stranger to exercise as he was an avid runner at the time. Coach Chris talked him into coming in to try out CrossFit, and the rest has been history. In the time that Alex has attended Manta Ray, he has been a great student athlete who constantly strives to learn and improve. Extremely humble and welcoming, Alex is a friend of anyone who knows him at the box. You can find him working out in the evenings or stopping by the box earlier to grab his monthly case of Fit Aid. Often he’ll buy Fit Aid in larger quantities just to hand them out to his friends after a WOD. That is just the kind of person that Alex is. He told us that he was surprised and humbled to be AOTM among the other athletes at the box. If you ask us, we can’t think of anyone more deserving. He always has a smile on his face and is happy to be here and workout with the people around him. He grinds hard and never has an ego, he is humble, and is supportive of all his fellow athletes as if they were family. That attitude and enthusiasm is contagious and anyone who knows Alex, knows that he is everything great about CrossFit and Evolve Fitness Clearwater.

Alex Guzman

As a runner I enjoy the freedom of my own pace and choice of route but after knee surgery something was missing. I was not able to meet PR’s or enjoy my favorite sport. I joined CrossFit to become stronger and regain muscle strength but gained more than that. The EFC staff was an essential part in my recovery and soon became family. I first decided to visit EFC because I met Coach Chris when he went to the dealership to get his car serviced. He spoke about the box and the positive impact it would have on my life. I was nervous as I had never been to a gym, however I accepted the challenge of changing a lifestyle. By the end of my first visit felt the adrenaline I was craving. I have been a member of this family for a year and joining has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am honored to be AOTM amongst such elite athletes.