SMART Goals and Goal Reviews:

Everyone is familiar with setting goals. We set goals for our education, goals for our job, and goals for our future. We celebrate starting a new year by setting goals under the phrase “New Year’s Resolutions”. But how many of us have made resolutions and failed to follow through? Safe to say we have all […]

Daily Habits to Avoid Chronic Disease

What is a chronic disease and how can I avoid it? Chronic disease is a disease or condition that lasts for 3 months or longer and may get worse as time goes on. According to the CDC, the most common chronic diseases are heart disease, cancer, chronic lung disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and chronic kidney […]

What is the “Athlete’s Hierarchy of Needs”?

The Hierarchy of Needs is a guide for athletes to determine where to start when it comes to exercise. It gives a baseline for each individual and allows coaches and athletes to see where problems may originate when it comes to pain points or the inability to perform as desired. There are five tiers, or […]

Why your training needs exercise variety

“I’m working so hard but I’m not seeing any progress!” Does this sound like you, or someone you know? Have you ever worked out on your own and gotten tired of doing the same exercises over and over? Did you feel like your progress slowed, or even stopped? Why does that happen?! Doing the same […]

 Is a smoothie truly a good breakfast?

Many times when we ask “What did you have for breakfast?”, we get the response, “Oh, I’m so rushed in the mornings, so I just make a smoothie.” Food media has put it into our minds that because they are often full of fruits, that smoothies are the ultimate health food. But let’s dive deeper. […]

The Best Way to Fix Your Shoulder Pain and Improve Overhead Flexibility!

Is Poor Mobility The Reason Your Shoulder Hurts? How to Fix It… First Step: Assess In order to fix a problem, you first have to know what’s causing it. Here is a simple test to determine if your shoulder pain could be a result of poor shoulder mobility. Step One: Lay on your back. Step […]

Athlete Hierarchy of Needs

Athlete hierarchy of needs The Athlete Hierarchy of Needs is a guide that our coaches use to assess our clients to determine the best possible prescription to help them reach their goal.  The Hierarchy is made up of five tiers: Flexibility, Mobility, Strength Balance, Work:Recovery, and Skill.  By assessing these areas in order, we find […]

Zero Calorie Sweeteners

There’s a lot of debate going on about non-nutritive sweeteners like stevia, aspartame, sucralose (Splenda), and monk-fruit about whether they’re better than sugar. So let’s take a look at why scientists are trying to find alternatives for sugar in the first place. Sugar can be found in different molecular formations. We typically talk about “fructose” […]

What is a diet break?

Last blog post, I talked about some cues your body might be giving you to indicate you might need a diet break. If you missed it, it’s here. But what even is a diet break? A diet break is also known as “maintenance phase.” After 12-16 weeks of eating in a caloric deficit, it’s usually […]

How do I know if I should take a break from my diet?

Have you ever wondered, “should I take a break from my diet?” Maybe you’ve heard that it’s not good to diet for a long period of time, But you’re not sure if it’s actually time for YOU to take a diet break. There are a few signs that you should be implementing a “diet break” […]