EFC Coaches Corner: Approaching the Open

Coaches Corner: Approaching the Open Now that we are two weeks into the CrossFit Open, I’d like to take some time to elaborate on it’s purpose, misconceptions, and shed some light on the best way to approach these last few weeks. First of all, the Open is meant to be a fun, community-driven event for […]

New Member Spotlight: November 2017

Evolve Fitness Clearwater has been around for 4 years now and we have formed a pretty tight, and undeniably awesome, group of people. With that being said, our community is constantly growing. We would like to highlight some of our new members each month as we welcome them to the Manta Ray family! Check out a […]

AOTM: “Finding Fire” with Emily Jameson

From the Coaches: “Emily has been extremely impressive in the way that she has dedicated herself here at Manta Ray. She comes in early at 5AM and starts her busy days by putting in work at the box first. She never complains and is completely dedicated to the process. Not only does she work hard […]

AOTM: “In Life and In Love” with Jessica Eskew

From the Coaches: “Where do we start… Jessica is a long overdue Athlete of the Month, an amazing person, and huge part of our community here at Manta Ray. She has been with us since the beginning and impressed us since Day 1. When she works, she works hard and gives it everything she has. […]

Chalk Talk: “Dealing with the Drama of Cheating or Skimming Reps”

Dealing With The Drama of Cheating or Skimming Reps The conversation about cheating reps comes up almost daily. For as long as I’ve been in CF or competitive sports for that matter, I’ve witnessed cheating at some level or another. It’s not always a matter of deliberately failing to complete a required number of reps […]

A Letter to Our Members

Dear EFC Members, Recently we held a member satisfaction survey to identify what areas we could improve on to bring you the best experience possible. We received lots of great feedback and truly appreciate all of you who contributed your time to participate. A very strong majority of the feedback was positive, and we are blessed […]

“A Healthy Incentive” with Ilze Strazdina

From the Coaches: “Ilze began CrossFit with us over 2 years ago as a “Rise and Grind” 5AM athlete. Since then, she has mixed up her schedule and seen a little bit of every time, getting to know most of the members here at EFC. She started doing this for all of the right reasons […]

AOTM: “A Contagious Personality” with Alex Guzman

From the Coaches: “Coach Chris happened to meet Alex when getting his car serviced at the VW Dealership awhile back. Alex wasn’t a stranger to exercise as he was an avid runner at the time. Coach Chris talked him into coming in to try out CrossFit, and the rest has been history. In the time […]


At Evolve Fitness Clearwater, we take great pride in our signature On Ramp program. Regardless of if you are in great shape or not, On Ramp will teach you the foundational movements needed to perform all CrossFit exercises, all while making sure you get a great workout each time that you attend! Our On Ramp […]

About Us

Evolve Fitness Clearwater is the premier CrossFit facility in central Florida and Pinellas County.  At Evolve Fitness Clearwater, our team is focused on a stronger and healthier YOU!  Our uniquely fun approach offers unparalleled coaching to all regardless of age, gender, or fitness level.  Whether you are just beginning your fitness journey today or you […]