July AOTM: “Always Show Up” with Christine Thompson

From the Coaches: “Christine is everything you could ask for in an athlete and member here at Evolve Fitness Clearwater. She is coachable, hard-working, and humble. She has a passion for fitness and a hunger to learn and grow as an athlete. Christine is always positive and an active member of the EFC community. Since […]

AOTM: “Loving Life and Feeling Good” with Trevor and Crissy Kitzul

From the Coaches: “Trevor and Crissy, husband and wife, are veterans of our 6AM class. Even coming in at such an early time, they are always bright and in good spirit to be at the box. Their attitude is contagious to the rest of their fellow athletes and coaches as well. You will find them […]

EFC Member Spotlight: Karla Pope

EFC Member Spotlight This week we want to highlight EFC Member Karla Pope on her recent accomplishment. She finished her first full Iron Man and her EFC Family is extremely proud of her and the hard work she put in along the way. Here is a quick highlight and some information so you can get […]

AOTM: “Just Keep Rowing” with Sam Darza

From the Coaches: “Since we opened our doors in 2014, our Manta Ray family has grown tremendously and we’ve seen many different types of athletes at EFC. We’ve had many deserving “Athletes of the Month,” all for different reasons. Sam is our AOTM for October because of the dedication he shows day in and day […]

AOTM: “Best Version of Me” with Traci Risberg

From the Coaches: “Since Traci has joined EFC, and even more so in recent months, she has been the perfect example of what our ‘Athlete of the Month’ title embodies. Traci is eager to learn and coachable. She has her own personal goals and pinpoints her weaknesses to spend time improving them. Maybe above all, […]

AOTM: “Training for Life” with Rob Snippe

From the Coaches: “Rob works a difficult schedule as a police officer but that does not stop him from putting in extra work here at EFC on a regular basis. He often gets off early in the morning after working through the night, but a quick nap gets him to the 10 AM or 12 PM […]

AOTM: “Finding Fire” with Emily Jameson

From the Coaches: “Emily has been extremely impressive in the way that she has dedicated herself here at Manta Ray. She comes in early at 5AM and starts her busy days by putting in work at the box first. She never complains and is completely dedicated to the process. Not only does she work hard […]

AOTM: “A Family Rooted in Fitness” with Charlie Baeza

From the Coaches: “DJ Charlie B! Charlie and his family have been at the center of the EFC community for a long time now. Charlie is an outstanding athlete and always a joy to have in class. He makes it a point to be as friendly and helpful as possible to his fellow athletes. You […]

AOTM: “In Life and In Love” with Jessica Eskew

From the Coaches: “Where do we start… Jessica is a long overdue Athlete of the Month, an amazing person, and huge part of our community here at Manta Ray. She has been with us since the beginning and impressed us since Day 1. When she works, she works hard and gives it everything she has. […]

AOTM: “Feeding the Competitive Spirit” with Cesar Ortiz

From the Coaches: ” Cesar is one of our few athletes who represent the Noon class. The fact that it tends to be a smaller class hasn’t done a thing to Cesar’s consistency or enthusiasm. He continually puts in the work and rarely misses a day, and in turn has earned the unofficial title of “Captain” […]