Shoulder Mobility Workshop with Dr. Hays Estes

The shoulder may be the most complex joint in the human body. The level of mobility required is far above that of any other joint. This shoulder workshop taught by Dr. Hays Estes, DPT will improve your mobility to increase your performance and help prevent future injury. During the workshop, you will learn simple mobility drills that require minimal (if any) equipment to keep aches and pains away so you can continue training the way you want for as long as you want. This is a MUST for all CrossFit athletes and weekend warriors.

Questions are allowed and encouraged throughout the session with a short Q and A at the end with Dr. Estes.



Dr. Hays Estes, DPT, MHA, OCS, CMT

Dr. Hays Estes is a board-certified orthopedic Doctor of Physical Therapy who specializes in working with athletes and the rehabilitation of sports-related injuries. He has prior work experience as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, which provides full understanding of proper technique for functional and Olympic lifts. In addition to his exercise science background, Dr. Estes is also a Certified Manual Therapist, utilizing several manual techniques to improve mobility in his patients. These techniques are easily taught to his patients to allow them to transition from rehabilitation to sport-specific activities. He uses powerlifting as his main form of strength training and engages regularly in local recreational sports.