Fit 4 Change 2018: 6 Week Fitness Challenge

To start off the New Year, we will be offering our 6 Week “Fit 4 Change” Challenge… Enhanced!

We’re excited to offer more than we ever have with a Fitness/Nutrition Challenge in the past. New to the box, we will be using our InBody Scanner to generate specialized reports on each participant that will measure and track markers such as Body Fat % and Lean Muscle Mass %.



What you will receive by participating:

– InBody Scans Before and After Challenge to Track Improvements in Body Composition

– Measurements and Baseline Workout Test and Retest

– Nutritional Guidance and Point tracking

– A Designated Coach as Team Captain and Accountability Resource

– Access to private Fit 4 Change Facebook Group

Fit 4 Change will jumpstart you to your fitness goals in 2018. After six weeks, you can expect:

– Improvements in body composition and lean muscle mass

– Improved performance in your training

– Reduced body fat %

– Improved well-being, mood, sleep, etc. through a natural non-inflammatory diet

* This challenge is reserved solely for Evolve Fitness Clearwater members. The cost to participate is $99.

Whether your goals are body composition, or performance, this challenge is designed to bring you improvements in both! For those of you planning on competing in the CrossFit Open, your F4C challenge will lead directly into the first week of the Open to have you primed and ready to perform your best.

How to Sign Up

Sign up now on MindBody under the Seminars Tab. You can also sign up in the office at EFC.


We will have a F4C Baseline workout on Saturday January 13th at 9AM. Participants will get their InBody readings and measurements during the week prior. The Challenge will officially begin on Monday January 15th.

More info coming soon!