CrossFit Open 2020

CrossFit Open 2020

5 Weeks. 5 Workouts. Starts October 10th.

What is the Open?

The CrossFit Open is a fun, annual test of your fitness. At Evolve Fitness Clearwater, the Open is a COMMUNITY driven event that is accessible to all. No matter your fitness level, you are able to and encouraged to participate!

Each week, for 5 weeks starting on October 10th, a workout will be released by CrossFit Headquarters, and then we will host the workout here at Evolve Fitness Clearwater. You are able to register ($20 through CrossFit), and then submit your score online to see where you stack up compared to everyone else worldwide who participates. There are scaled divisions and everyone is able to participate.


We will host times to do the workouts at 6PM each Friday of the Open. These are always a blast, and we’ll add some extra fun through themed workouts and more. We will release more details as we get closer, but for now plan on jumping in! Even if you choose not to register, make sure to join us for Friday Night Lights for a fun workout and to cheer on your friends!

You will need to sign in for your desired heat time prior to attending. Heat times will be posted every Thursday night after the workout has been announced by CrossFit HQ. Heat times will fill up and will be first come, first serve. If you are unable to complete your workout Friday Night, there will be alternate times Saturday morning after classes to sign in for!

If you are competing, you will also be judging! Please plan to judge at least one heat before or after your scheduled time so that we can run smoothly and on time. Thank you!


10/11 – Zoo (Animals)

10/18 – Barbells For Boobs Fundraiser

10/25 – Movie Characters

11/1 – Halloween

11/8 – Twinning (Pick a Partner to Match)

Ready to Sign Up?!

You can get registered online, and get more details at the link below:

We always look forward to a fun Open season where we get to come together as a community, test our fitness, and make lots of memories in the process. If you get signed up, make sure to select Evolve Fitness Clearwater as your affiliate ?

Let your coaches know if you have any questions!!