CrossFit Open 2017 at Manta Ray

Join EFC for the 2017 CrossFit Open!

It is that time of year again…If you have participated in the Open before, then you know how important this time of year is for the CrossFit community. If you have not, let us fill you in…The CrossFit Open is a 5 week community event beginning on February 23rd. Each week on Thursday, CrossFit HQ will release a workout and you, the athletes, will have until Monday to perform the workout and submit your score online. We will set times aside here at Manta Ray for you to come and get your workout judged and scored. The atmosphere is electric as all of your EFC family will be there to cheer you through your workout. After you submit your score and we validate it online, your score will be added to a worldwide leaderboard. Last year there were over 300,000 people who competed worldwide, and that number will grow in 2017. The Open is the ultimate benchmark to measure your progress and see where you stack up in the region, your age bracket, and overall in the entire world.

The Open is the proving grounds where the fittest move on the Regionals, and then the from there only the top few advance to the CrossFit Games. However, you do not need to be an elite athlete to compete; the Open is for everyone. There is a scaled division also. So  if there is a workout beyond your current capabilities, you will ALWAYS be able to participate. That is the beauty of the Open – you will be on the leaderboard along the likes of the top athletes in the world, and you belong there. No matter your fitness level, it is your time to shine; to grind hard with the support of your community behind you and realize your true potential. Every year we see countless PRs as the Open pushes athletes to lift new weights, land their first double under, pull ups, muscle ups, etc. Sometimes we need this extra push to prove that our Ability truly is Limitless.

We do the Open right at Evolve Fitness Clearwater. It is all about the community and the support we offer each other that makes the experience so powerful. Last year we had over 70 athletes signed up on our team for the Open, and we are looking to top that number in 2017. EVERYONE, regardless of fitness level, should join us for the Open next month. In the past we have had members new to CrossFit, just a week or two involved, jump in and have an awesome time participating. Remember that there is a scaled division so that anyone can compete at their level. It is $20 to register and you must register online at:

Register Now at:

At Evolve Fitness Clearwater, we will have a watch party every Thursday evening when they announce the Open workout online. Then we will have a schedule (See Below) with times on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday where you can come and get your workout scored by a certified judge. Lock up your spot on the Team Manta Ray roster and prepare for a fun, and potentially life-changing experience this Open season. Sign up now  through the link above and make sure to select Evolve Fitness Clearwater as your team!

Open Schedule

Thursday after open announcement

Friday @ 7PM (This will replace the 7PM CrossFit class)

Saturday @ 9AM (This will replace the 9AM OLY class. There will be no 10AM CF class these weeks)

Sunday @ 11AM