Challenge Testimonial: Reinaldo C.

What I learned from the last challenge that I wish you would learn…

There is a tendency to think that the nutrition challenge is a strict diet filled with limitations. The words “nutritional challenge” sometimes has a negative connotation because we all have seen how at the beginning of the year every human in USA makes the famous resolution to “challenge” themselves. There are “challenges” to lose weight and resolutions to be brave and wake up early and start walking with your neighbor. You might even donate some money by getting  a gym membership that you will never use or find one of those magic diet plans that promise you 20 pounds weight loss in one month just to gain 30 as soon as you stop the program.

What I learned from my last EFC challenge is that is definitely not a diet plan. At Evolve fitness we don’t diet. We eat healthy and train.

If you want to lose some weight you will learn how, but if you want to increase your athletic performance you will also learn how.

Nutrition is as important as the workouts. You can not expect your car to perform if you have no gas.

You joined Evolve Fitness for a reason. You are already being paying the price to be healthy, to feel better or to look better whatever is your goal, and if you are not part of our family yet this is the perfect opportunity to get started.

What will you get from the challenge? Well, I will tell you what I got. Long lasting knowledge about nutrition as it applies to me as an individual. I know that many of you might see it as another expense. After having done the last challenge I felt that I got more than what I paid for. The knowledge that I received is mine to keep and you truly have to only do it once.

Can you afford to do the challenge? In my opinion you can not afford not to do it.

I learned what to eat, what is not a good idea to eat and why. I know that you can find a lot of information online however you are also getting one to one supervision from our dedicated coaches. They live what they teach and will go out of their way to help you.

A challenge is a challenge and you will have to do your part of course. You will have to keep track of food and some numbers but you don’t have to do it for a lifetime. It will depend on your ultimate goals. I don’t measure the food or meal prep anymore and honestly I feel I personally do not have to be that strict anymore. Why? Because I learned what to eat, portion sizes etc etc. 

As many of you I eat pretty much the same things and once you know what to eat you don’t have to worry. You will learn how to surround yourself with good food, snacks and I can guarantee you, you will not go hungry.

If I don’t perform well on a workout I know exactly why. I know if I am low on hydration or not enough breakfast or I hanged out with Tito’s, Don Julio or Corona over the weekend.

I don’t suffer and limit myself on what I eat but you will become smart about what you eat. Once you eat clean your body will remember. I promise you. You will feel light, your sleep will improve and you will get soreness after the workouts of course but you will not be in pain.  I love Pizza, Ice cream, and Boston Cream and I don’t deny myself. I will not feel guilty or freak out if I eat any of those things, Wendy’s included. But believe me. Once you eat clean the cravings from junk food will stop. Not because “you shouldn’t” but because the craving is not there and you know that you will feel sluggish afterward. Its not that you will “feel bad about it” it’s that your body will tell you. I don’t get paranoid about reading labels on food but now I know what to look for.

The challenge is just that! It’s a challenge. Its not punishment. Training and eating healthy is a lifestyle, just like the kind of clothes that you wear, where you hang out etc.

Training and eating healthy Its something that we do, just like going to work or brushing your teeth in the morning.

Eating healthy and training will not guarantee you longevity, nothing does. But for sure will give you great quality of life where you can go up a flight or two of stairs and not get winded. You can go all day to a park or play with your dog or your kids until they get tired. You will also inspire others. Many times I hear from friends “you will be proud of me I started working out.” I never asked them to work out. You will just be leading by example. So in conclusion. Do the challenge its worth it!