Chalk Talk: ” Your Success, Our Motivation”

Your Success… Our Motivation.

Often times, a new member comes through the doors of the box with feelings of anxiety and apprehension. Their ideas of what to expect in their first or next CrossFit experience can be marred by a past experiences, internet blogs and what they’ve heard from people that have never jumped onto a box. In essence, their level of motivation may be suffering and the last thing on their mind is squatting with a barbell overhead or climbing a rope. So, what happens next? The crossfit coach is what happens next!

As a coach, I often think of what it takes to get our athletes to perform beyond their expectations. Is it an extra rep? A shout in the ear? Or even a change in the music? It may be a combination of those things, but foremost I believe it’s the idea of succeeding that truly pushes anyone beyond their limits. Now, this is not a new idea. Sports psychologists are employed because they have the opportunity to delve into the psyche of an athlete and help them to enhance their mental game. As a coach at this lower level, we are challenged with the same feats and desire the same results. However, our motivation to work isn’t a huge paycheck, but your success.

We are fueled by the spirit of achievement. These are the moments in time when we provide the tools, training or guidance to assist you, the athlete, to reach a milestone in your fitness. Contrary to what you believe, we want your success. We don’t want your success to boast or brag about what we’ve done to help you. Instead, we want your success because it’s our motivator. Each day that you finish a tough work out and look to us for a fist bump, we feel the energy and positivity that can only be obtained through the grind we share in the box.  It’s also that moment as you surprise yourself after you hit a 5 rep max on your back squat with your previous personal best weight. Those moments inspire us to be better athletes and even better coaches.

As your coach, we can be called the catalyst of your achievements, however you are the engine that powers through and we simply fine-tune your performance. It’s your performance that helps us power through our own personal trials. It’s your mental toughness and attitude that pushes us to be better coaches and to find ways to make you better in all the areas you desire. There is no greater feeling for a coach than to watch an athlete crush a PR or finish a task they never thought they could do. This is why I coach and I know I can speak for so many coaches out there when I say that your success is our motivation.

Stay on the grind, because you know your coaches will and as always, don’t forget that Ability is Limitless!