Chalk Talk: “Life After the Open”

It’s over! You just completed the 2016 CrossFit Open! Whether it was your first or your fifth Open, the last 5 weeks of surprise workouts were tough, trying and even nerve-racking! Regardless of your performance on each of the workouts, you took something away from the Open that you ever expected.

As each workout was revealed, you analyzed the workout with the precision of a rocket scientist and immediately began to apply your capabilities to the movements. Once you determined whether or not you would scale or do the workout as prescribed, you created your plan of attack and began to mentally prep for the exercise. All these tasks did not come with ease. You asked your coaches and box mates how they plan to attack the same feats as you. You brushed up on your form and dusted off the mental cobwebs to get your mind right to smash the workout. All of these things you may not have done before you got into the Open.

Now, as you work through the workout, you discover that you have another gear in your body engine that you never knew was there. Maybe it was the cheers of your fellow athletes ringing in your ears or the amped up energy that bellowed through the gym. Whatever it was, it pushed you to grind harder, pull stronger, endure pain longer. If you were fortunate, the Open left you with a new PR or skill that you never imagined you could do!

So, as you live your life after the 2016 CrossFit Open, you must take the time to reflect on your accomplishments. You tackled workouts that crumbled the fittest of the fit. You pushed harder than you ever thought you could push. You brought yourself to a level of fitness that you never imagined. You actually got more out of the Open than you expected!

Many of the things you gained from the Open cannot be measured or timed. It is the sense of accomplishment and empowerment that can only be yours. It’s the new voice in the back of your mind that says you can, when your body says you can’t. It’s the mindset of approaching every workout with a plan of attack and understanding your capabilities.

Life after the Open will be better for you, IF you want it to be! Use the mental and physical experiences to improve your fitness. Don’t stop now! The 2016 was just another tool you can use to help you get stronger, faster and better at life! Above all, remember that Your Abilities Are Limitless!