AOTM: “Loving Life and Feeling Good” with Trevor and Crissy Kitzul

From the Coaches: “Trevor and Crissy, husband and wife, are veterans of our 6AM class. Even coming in at such an early time, they are always bright and in good spirit to be at the box. Their attitude is contagious to the rest of their fellow athletes and coaches as well. You will find them at all our EFC outings, competitions, and in box events. Trevor and Crissy’s son, Westyn, is also an active member at Manta Ray. At 12 years old, he is nothing short of an athletic prodigy and the most friendly (just like his parents) and respectable young man you’ve met. It has been a pleasure having the Kitzul family as part of our EFC family and we are proud to highlight them both as our first AthleteS of the Month!”

Trevor and Crissy Kitzul

Since becoming partners almost 10 years ago, we have always enjoyed fitness together – working out, biking, kite boarding – but our activity was never consistent. For the majority of our relationship we were long-distance between TN and Canada. Since moving back to FL together – we figured it was time to commit to a consistent activity. Then, out of nowhere – Bam! We found a Groupon for on-ramp, like EFC was reading our minds. Who knew our world, as we knew it, was about to be rocked. The amount of soreness after the intro on-ramp class confirmed we needed a new fitness path! We committed to 3 days a week, 5am class (and at this point, we also thought we had lost our damn minds). The changes didn’t take long to be realized and we were hooked! The good vibes and benefits extend beyond the box to our day-to-day lives, which just keeps us coming back for more. Our CrossFit journey has been one of gains, losses, injuries, patience, support, connection, strength and growth. We have found a family at EFC and are grateful for the guidance and support from the coaches and the many new friends that have come into our lives. Loving life and feeling good – thank you, EFC!