AOTM: “Just Keep Rowing” with Sam Darza

From the Coaches: “Since we opened our doors in 2014, our Manta Ray family has grown tremendously and we’ve seen many different types of athletes at EFC. We’ve had many deserving “Athletes of the Month,” all for different reasons. Sam is our AOTM for October because of the dedication he shows day in and day out in his training. Sam usually makes two appearances to EFC each day. First for his extra credit rowing which ranges from 5k – 15k at a time. Every. Day. After he finishes his routine row, he will head out and come back a few hours later for the regularly scheduled WOD. Not only is he putting in the work in the box, he has taken ahold of his nutrition as well and the combination has made for an awesome physical transformation. Sam is quickly becoming a great athlete, and is always a joy to be around. He is humble and hungry, and that is a recipe for success. We are proud to have him as an athlete and friend here at Evolve Fitness Clearwater!”

Sam Darza

My first experience with CrossFit was during my deployment to Afghanistan in 2014. My team leader just so happened to be CrossFit level 1 certified and suggested that I give it a go. We would attend the normal classes as best as we could since our schedule was very erratic, or do our own thing as the day permits. We were at the little CrossFit tent that we had so much that the person in charge of the keys just handed them to us. Needless to say I was hooked.

My life completely changed the minute I walked in to CF Manta Ray and signed up for on ramp classes. I feel that this place is now my second home, and has physically and mentally made me tougher than ever before. It has put my competitive spirit on overdrive and I continuously search for ways to seek self-improvement. The hard work I feel I put into working out at the box has also helped me carry on the same principle at the workplace, and in almost anything that I do. Hard work pays off. Of course, none of this would have been made possible without the support from all the coaches and friends that I’ve made. We all help each other push to the limit, or sometimes even over it. Thank God for CrossFit and for CF Manta Ray. Back to the row machine I go.