AOTM: “Finding Home” with Marcy Kerr

From the Coaches: “Marcy moved to Clearwater awhile ago and started through our OnRamp program. Right from the start we knew that her work ethic was fierce. She had some experience coming in, so among other beginners she shined as an athlete who knew how to find that “inner beast” and push it to the limit. Once she showed up in our 5AM CrossFit class, she only became stronger and more determined. In the time that she has attended EFC, we have seen her dedication pay off through huge PRs and an awesome physical transformation. We also saw Marcy compete in her first CrossFit Open, and be a judge and volunteer for the CrossFit Open as well as our competition, WOD Wars. Marcy has become a friend of many and we are sad to say farewell as she will be moving away from Clearwater across the state this month. We are lucky to have had Marcy here as part of our community and she has had nothing but a positive effect on our team and all those who workout with her and know her… Marcy, whatever box you end up at will be very lucky to have you as well and you will always be a part of the EFC family. Good luck and best wishes from your coaches at EFC!”

Marcy Kerr

“COME ON MARCY! FINISH IT! LETS GO!” Voices from far away. Under water. From another dimension.

you’re done. you can’t go any more.

shut up. shut up. yes i can.

no. you cant. SHUT UP! I know my mind is trying to stop me, but I shut it out. I raise my eyes, seeing nothing except the bar. I hear my breath like a freight train. I inhale sharply. Blow it out. Take another. And another. One more. Step up to the bar, squat down, grasp. Deep breath… I collapse to the floor amongst the cheers of my Box-mates. My friends. My family. I can’t believe I’ve pushed myself to this level. I’ve never been athletic. In fact, I didn’t become interested in any sport until after college when I started training martial arts. Over the course of several years, I found myself in regular gyms, primarily hitting cardio, feeling pretty good about myself when I could work my way up to the 10 pound weights. After all, girls don’t lift heavy weights or they’ll end up looking like a man, right?

Eventually, I started working out at home with P90x, Insanity and TurboFire. I found I enjoyed the intensity, but I got bored easily and this caused me to frequently quit and restart. It was a viscous cycle. I began to hear more and more about CrossFit and decided it was time to check it out. I remember thinking I wasn’t in bad shape compared to the average person, but I was quickly shown just how out of shape I was. Movements I’ve never even heard about previously were thrown around. Wall climbs? Wall balls? You want me to squat how much weight? And then there was reading the White Board. What’s an AMRAP of 10 T2B, 10 WBS and 30 DU’s? But I was hooked. The constant variation of exercises meant I was never bored and always had something to strive toward. I felt muscles I never knew I had. Pushing myself to the limit every day, walking in, crawling out and walking back in the next day. It’s the most difficult thing I’ve ever done, both mentally and physically. When I moved to the area, I knew I had to find a box that was going to be home. I found that in Evolve Fitness Clearwater. With the guidance of the best coaches I’ve met and the encouragement from my box mates, I have grown mentally and physically. I’ve struggled with plateaus and felt the joy of ringing the PR bell. I’ve participated in a competition, completed the CrossFit Open, become a CF judge. I’ve made amazing friends and gained a family. A big thank you to all of you for your advice, your friendship and your encouragement.