AOTM: “Feeding the Competitive Spirit” with Cesar Ortiz

From the Coaches: ” Cesar is one of our few athletes who represent the Noon class. The fact that it tends to be a smaller class hasn’t done a thing to Cesar’s consistency or enthusiasm. He continually puts in the work and rarely misses a day, and in turn has earned the unofficial title of “Captain” of the noon class. Besides his great attitude, Cesar has improved tremendously as an athlete as well. Even though his schedule makes it difficult, he always makes sure to participate in our competitive events such as the CrossFit Open and our own In-Box Competitions. Cesar has a competitive personality and CrossFit has been a great outlet for him to express that through training, while still getting it in on the soccer field as well. He’s a great team player, athlete, and friend to all who know him at the box. We’re glad that he found a home at EFC and look forward to seeing him continue to take it to the next level!

Cesar Ortiz

After trying out programs like P90X, Insanity and joining a gym with some friends; I started to get into what I thought was decent shape. Unfortunately, that did not last for too long as I started to feel bored, tired and did not look forward to working out after a 10 hour shift. In need of a change, my girlfriend suggested that we try out CrossFit (which to be honest I used to make fun of! ?). It’s been almost two years since and I look forward to many more at EFC! I started going at nights, which was challenging due to my work schedule but I would actually look forward to it. It was way harder than I expected, but also very rewarding. I was hooked! I finally found that type of workout (besides soccer ?) that I enjoyed and challenged my competitive spirit. Due to some work schedule changes, I now go at noon. Even though some days I have to fly solo, I get to be coached one on one by the incredible coaches at EFC. I believe, I have immensely improved in every aspect of what being a well rounded athlete is all about and could not have done it without this amazing family at EFC! The time where I used to make fun of CrossFit is long gone because I found it really works for ME! Is it hard? Yes! Does it challenge you? Yes! Can it be frustrating at times? Absolutely! But if you stay consistent and focused it is life changing. EFC is not only a gym to stop by and work out; it is also a place where I have found amazing and supportive people that I am proud to now call friends! Work hard and stay humble!