Member Highlight: Maria, Wendy & Nicole

Gyms are closed, barbells are scarce, and workouts have been taken to the parks, garages, and living rooms. Some gyms have opted for all day long live classes, but this leaves little time for personal interaction and coaching. Here at Evolve, we have taken an individualized approach to help keep our members on track. We offer the occasional live ZOOM class, but the majority of our time is spent making individual reach outs to each of our members and the purpose is two-fold: to personalize workouts towards our member’s goals and ability level, as well as to hold them accountable.

Even though our doors are closed, our community has never been more LIT. Our Member’s Group is currently bombarded by sweaty selfies, encouraging comments, and virtual fist bumps. 

Today, we want to highlight a few of our rockstar members who came together to support each other and make their at-home workout experience even more fun and full-proof by becoming “Accountabili-buddies.”

Maria, Wendy, and Nicole have been working out together for awhile now and were good friends before the gym went virtual. Since then, they took it upon themselves to coordinate their own ZOOM workouts. Following the Workout of the Day released by Evolve, they will meet up on video chat and knock it out together. Not only that, but they have started to post their meeting times in our EFC Group and offered an open invite to anyone who wants to join them.

Your girls are AWESOME and embody what the Evolve Community is all about – and we appreciate you!!

As coaches, we LOVE to see our community come together like this and we LOVE the concept of “Accountabili-buddies.” We do everything we can as coaches with the time we have available to provide our crew with workouts, coaching and accountability. However, there’s nothing like your own friends and workout buddies to make it fun and hold you accountable as well.

We highlight Maria, Wendy and Nicole because we are PROUD of what they are doing to support each other and make the best of the situation. We also highlight their story to encourage others to find an “Accountabili-buddy” too! Whether it be to socialize and have fun, to hold yourself more accountable, or to HELP hold someone else more accountable – it is a win-win!

We asked our Three Superstars a few questions about how the group came about, and how it has benefitted them since they started working out together. You can check out each of their full answers below! All three of them agreed that they feel more committed to showing up for the others, and are more motivated to work out each day. 

More Workouts + More Effort = More Results. 

Making it more fun with friends is an added bonus as well!

Your coaches are here to guide you and make sure that you are getting coaching at home! Rely on us to provide your workouts, modifications, and help you reach your goals. Ask us questions, and “help us help you” by giving your feedback. Engage the community by posting your sweaty selfies and sharing motivation in the EFC Member’s Group.

To make it more fun, find yourself an “Accountabili-buddy!”

Tough times will reveal true character. We are so grateful to see our community step up and not only continue to work on their goals from home, but support their fellow Evolve members as well. 

Read below answers from Maria, Wendy and Nicole about how partnering up has helped them get the most out of #EVOLEONLINE.

Keep up the great work, ladies!

1: What has been the biggest struggle in working out from home?

MARIA: Trying to push myself past the point of being uncomfortable or tired during the workout. It’s pretty easy to skip a few reps when no one is looking.

WENDY: I would say the biggest struggle initially was the motivation to work out.  But doing it with others or the live zoom has made a huge difference. I would say the struggle now is just not have the face to face personal interaction and being physically present at the box with everyone. 

NICOLE: Biggest struggle for me was losing the support I get from working out with a group of people. I’m a social person so I thrive on being around other people.

2: How do you overcome that struggle?

MARIA: Our group is awesome because we all motivate each other when we see someone slowing down or when we need that little boost to keep going. I want to make sure I’m working as hard as Nicole and Wendy. They’re both always putting in a hell of an effort.

WENDY: Ha, well, like I said above, working out with others has been a huge help.  As for the in person being at the gym feeling, I still feel as connected as I possibly can under the circumstances.  I think just plugging in as much as possible has really helped.

NICOLE: It really helped me by connecting with Maria & Wendy to create a time when we could work out together. We keep each other motivated during the workout and cheer each other on.

3: How did your accountability group get started?

MARIA: We had our group chat going from before the covid  virus. We were always keeping tabs on each other and trying to go to the gym at the same time. I love these ladies. It’s always better to work out with them.

4: What’s been the difference since you started holding each other accountable?

MARIA: I’m way less interested in taking a day off or not going as easy when they’re on the call with me.

WENDY: More motivation to get up and get moving; motivation to finish, and hopefully encouraging others to do the same.

NICOLE:  The difference has been big for me. Since we’ve started doing it together, I’m not missing days. We are committed and show up for each other so you don’t want to “no show”.

5: What is one thing you’re grateful for at this time?

MARIA: Not having to try and make that dreadful u turn to go to the gym.

WENDY: I think I’ve gotten closer to a lot more people at EFC than just going 3x a week.  There are people I will just never see b/c of our schedules and working out at different times.  Having our page, and having the zoom workouts with coaches and just seeing all the posts has really been cool, and I’m grateful for that.  Non-exercise related, I’m thankful for the time with my family that I’ll never have like this again, probably. Just slowing down, evaluating what’s important, taking more time to grow in my walk with Christ, and being thankful for all God has done and continues to do.  And for the ability to MOVE and workout!

NICOLE: I’m grateful that I have a comfortable home and great family. I’m also grateful I don’t have to drive into Tampa every day!